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Health, Safety and Environment



At Jurong Shipyard, we believe that a healthy and motivated workforce will translate into positive benefits for the organisation. Employees are strongly encouraged to take charge of their health to achieve work-life balance and total wellness in body, mind and spirit. As a testament to its dedication to healthy living, the yard clinched the prestigious Platinum HEALTH Award in 2008.

Educational talks are held throughout the year to provide the foundation to effective healthcare and disease prevent and management. Topics cover a vast area comprising healthy eating, cancer prevent to smoking cessation, stress management and cholesterol reduction.

To encourage an active lifestyle, a daily five-minute morning exercise is conducted yard-wide for employees to freshen up and prepare for the day. Jurong Shipyard also organises a monthly A.C.T.I.V.E. (All Companies Together in Various Exercises) Day where employees enjoy a low-impact half-hour exercise session of aerobics. 

To make exercise more convenient and accessible, the yard offers a wide variety of workplace fitness class suited for employees of different age groups and interests at the yard's gynasium. The gymnasium provides a comprehensive facility for employees to adopt a regular fitness regime which includes various cardio-weight-training equipment, supported by part-time trainer services for employees to engage in full-body workouts. Employees can also choose to participate in low impact and high-energy workouts such as yoga, belly dancing, tai chi and kick-boxing in the studio within the gynasium. Female employees are encouraged to exercise with the dedicated ladies-only workout days. 

Safety Policy Statement

Jurong Shipyard recognises that people are its assets and fundamental to its success, and in this respect declares as its corporate policy that it shall, as far as practicable, provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and subcontractors. The top management emphasises that each and every person must work together to achieve this objective so that the shipyard will be a better place to work in.

    In this connection, the Company undertakes to:


  • adopt a safety first policy at all times
  • educate and instil safety consciousness in all employees and subcontractors
  • ensure that safe work procedures and work instructions comply with local and international standards as well as safety-related legislations stated by the Ministry of Manpower (Singapore)
  • constantly improve and provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • ensure that the policy statement is readily available to all employee and interested parties
  • disseminate the policy via displaying the statement at strategic locations within the yard premises
  • review target and objectives at least once a year to ensure relevance of statement

Safety is a line management responsibility. All managers and supervisors are committed to ensure that their subordinates perform their duties not only efficiently but safely. Top managers must play an important role as a leader and lead by example for others to follow.

A sampling of Jurong Shipyard's safety initiatives:



Jurong Shipyard focuses on adopting and promoting eco-friendly practices such as encouraging environmental awareness and care as well as adopting eco-friendlier operations to not only reduce our carbon footprint but also to generate cost-savings in the long run.

Some of the initiatives include:

  • Copper Slag recycling: Copper slag, a by-product of blasting operations, is recycled by a subsidiary JPL Industries. Usable slag is recycled for operations and waste slag is reused to produce building bricks and pavement blocks. 

  • Workplace practices: Eco-efficient measures and energy-saving methods are implemented where possible. These include use of hydro-blasting and enclosed blasting in production operations. Reduce, reuse and recycle campaigns also encourage employees to control unnecessary wastages.


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