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Semi-submersible Rig Designs

Jurong Shipyard has successfully constructed and delivered several models of deep drilling semi-submersible rigs. Among the two most recent are the Friede & Goldman 6th generation Millennium Class Ex-D design and Moss Maritime CS50 MK II.  



The 6th generation Friede & Goldman (F&G) Millennium Class Ex-D design semi-submersible rig is capable of drilling up to 37,500 feet while operating in dynamic positioning mode in ultra-deep waters of up to 10,000 feet. It is equipped with an operational displacement of 43,400 metric tons at 17 metres draft and 46,750 metric tons at 20 metres draft, 18,000 square feet of usable deck space, and is capable of a variable deck load capacity of up to 8,000 tons.

Built using the yard’s proprietary “Transverse Skidding” methodology in combination with the “Load-out and Mating-in-Dock” technique, Jurong Shipyard is able to increase its capacity to deliver more than 2 semi-submersible rigs a year, while achieving high standards of quality, safety and reliability. West Taurus marked a major milestone for being the first semi-submersible rig to be built based on the Transverse Skidding technology.

View some of our F&G Ex-D design semi-submersible rigs projects below. For more rig building projects, view here.



The Moss Maritime CS50 MK II design ultra-deepwater dynamic positioning (DP3) semi-submersible unit is built for a water depth rating of 10,000 feet and maximum drilling depth of 30,000 feet. The rig’s ability to operate even in harsh environment gives it the multi-region flexibility to operate worldwide as compared to its peers.

One of the largest ultra-deepwater 6th generation semi-submersible rigs capable of working in harsh-environment conditions, there are currently two units, Seadragon I and Seadragon II, under construction in Jurong Shipyard, marking a landmark achievement for Jurong Shipyard for being the yard’s first harsh-environment semi-submersible project and the first of its class to be built up from a six-column bare-deck hull. Designed for versatility and flexibility, the rig has the ability to drill 35,000 feet and operate in up to 10,000 feet water depth, with an accommodation capacity for 192 persons.

View our Moss Maritime DP-3 semi-submersible rig project below. For more rigbuilding projects, view here.

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