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Workshops and Warehouses

Steel Fabrication Shops, the largest in the region with a total covered land area of over 110,000 square metres, are equipped with a comprehensive range of machines including:

  • Panel Line System
  • 500T hydraulic cold-forming presses
  • DNC template router
  • Robotic profile cutting machine
  • CNC plasma and gas-cutting machines
  • Steel fabrication and plasma cutting machines
  • Flame planer cutting machine
  • Adjustable jigs
  • Bending machines
  • Pipe cutting machines
  • Pipe profiler
  • Pipe bender
  • Plate straightening machine
  • Shot blasting and painting machine
  • Automation submerged arc welding station
  • Capacity press

Machinery Shops with a total floor area of 7,260 square metres house a complete range of machines including:

  • Largest Heavy Duty Lathe of 3m swing by 15m length
  • Shaft Lathe of 1.2m swing by 8m length and a Dynamic Balancing of 2.5m swing capable of 13T load and a 1m swing capable of 1T load

Fitting Shop contains a spectrum of pipe fabrication equipment and facilities

Tank Blasting and Coating Shop houses a comprehensive range of tank coating equipment and facilities

Copper Slag Processing Plant is the first such plant in the region

Enclosed Blasting Chambers for blasting and painting

  • 4 units enclosed blasting chambers each measuring 20m x 24m x 8m (h)
  • 2 units enclosed blasting chambers each measuring 25m x 25m x 10m (h)
  • 1 unit enclosed blasting chamber measuring 30m x 25m x 15m (h)

Customer Warehouses - spacious and sheltered

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